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Another cut?

I'm considering ditching the a-line and cutting it to be more like this:

Yes/no? I know of ONE person who'd say no, but they have no bearing anymore. lol

Unless I just go and have the a-line thinned out more to just add more short/spikey sections in addition to keeping some of the longer parts.

Also, got a new belt and a couple buckles I can swap around.

Ignore the pudge, hah.


I say go for it, but make sure you're willing to style it all the time. The cut would look hot though, for sure.
Styling it would be no problem. I gel/blowdry it now, but worrying about straightening the sides is a pain in my ass.


very cool style

nothing to do with me but i say go for it,would be a shame if u lose your cute fringe tho