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Who is this irresistable creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?

15 October 1980
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Sinsation × Lokarina × Vaskania
Devry University - Accounting Major

Sarcastic, bitchy, a contradiction in the making.
I will not sugarcoat myself for you.
Playing: Call of Duty 4 & World of Warcraft
I write erotica, and other miscellaneous reads.
I'll randomly pop shit in here.
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accounting, acdc, american mcgee's alice, anal, anxiety, arizona, art, autoerotic asphyxiation, autoeroticism, battlefield 2, better than chocolate, bicycling, big boots, blood, bloodplay, body modification, bondage clothes, boobs, books, boots, brandon teena, brody dalle, call of duty 2, canada, candles, cgi, clutch, cobra vtx, coffee, crime drama, crime scene investigation, csi, cunt, dark art, dean koontz, death metal, depression, dhtml, doom 3, drawing, eddie izzard, erotic art, erotic writing, erotica, f.e.a.r, fairuza balk, feardotcom, female gamers, first encounter assault recon, first person shooters, fps, fucking, gay porn, gg allin, girls, gripfast, h.r. giger, hair, hair extensions, hair falls, hair pulling, half-life, horror, html, ice, industrial, javascript, juice, kawasaki ninja, kill allen wrench, knives, law and order, leather, lipservice, literotica, macabre, masturbation, michelle rodriguez, monster garage, motorcycle mechanics, motorcycles, movies, murder, muscle cars, mystery, olivia goldsmith, orange county choppers, otep, paul booth, pc games, perl, phoenix, photo manipulation, photography, php, piercings, pigtails, pixel art, plaid, poetry, porn, power tools, punk, punkassgear, racing, ravenshield, razorblades, reading, return to castle wolfenstein, riddick, rob zombie, rum and coke, sarcasm, scary miss mary, school girl uniforms, seattle, sex, sharps, skinheads, squee, stigmata, stretching, stuck mojo, suzuki katana, tattoos, tequila, the distillers, tony hawk pro skater, transmuters, true combat elite, tsalvo, unreal tournament, unsigned bands, vanilla, vibrators, video games, vincent marcone, washington, web design, weight loss, west coast choppers, white zombie, wolfenstein, wrenching, xbox, xfire, zombie, 80's music